Upcoming Events & Shows

Wed - Dec 08

Night Boy – A Comedy Variety Show hosted by Gio Naarendorp

RESERVATIONS:  https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Thu - Dec 09

Errick Lewis “The Vibe” Open Mic Night

Errick has toured with Jay-Z, Lauren Hill, Snoop Dog, the Wu-Tang Clan and Erykah Badu, as well as  sharing the stage with other talents like Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott and Snoop Dogg.  He also toured nationally with the Tony Award winning musical, “Dreamgirls” (based on the Supremes’ biography).

This is an OPEN MIC night, hosted by the incredible singers, Bel-Ami and Melissa Jones. If you’ve got the VIBE, bring your instrument or your voice and get up on stage with this amazing in-house band of New York’s best musicians! Send song requests to brooklynmusickitchenbooking@gmail.com


Showtime : 8:30 pm

Fri - Dec 10

TJO Presents – The Shrimps / Antagonista / Rinsee

8:00pm –  The Shrimps  https://www.facebook.com/The-Shrimps-821060874640788/

9:00pm – Antagonista   Antagonista (facebook.com)

10:00 –   Rinsee rinsse.com

TICKET SALES:  Odd Snakes, Rinsse, Antagonista at Brooklyn Music Kitchen – Events – Universe

RESERVATIONS:  https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 7:30 pm

Sat - Dec 11

TJO Presents – Screwy / Kate Barlow / Amelia Murray

8:00pm –  Screwy   http://screwy.bandcamp.com

9:00 –   Kate Barlow  https://instagram.com/katiebarns

10:00pm – Amelia Murray https://www.facebook.com/ameliamurraymusicofficial/

TICKET SALES:  https://www.universe.com/events/amelia-murray-kate-barlow-screwy-tickets-R1NTGD

RESERVATIONS:  https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 7:30 pm

Sun - Dec 12

Queer Ass Karaoke

TICKET SALES:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/queer-ass-karaoke-dance-party-tickets-214824996347

RESERVATIONS:  https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 6:00 pm

Wed - Dec 15

Mayhem Comedy Presents

Hosted by Fun Size Fen

Chris Keise

Joseph Rosenzweig

Ryhaad Carroll

Matthew Snover

Humzah Chourdry

Andy Fileta

Veronica Garza

Mac O’Hara

TICKET SALES:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mayhem-and-destruction-with-season-givings-at-brooklyn-music-kitchen-tickets-223686581587

RESERVATIONS:    https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 7:30 pm

Fri - Dec 17

Max Power Presents – Control The Sound / Jackie Romeo & Julia Davolio

8:00pm – Control The Sound   www.controlthesound.net

Control The Sound TICKET SALES: https://www.eventable.nyc/shop/control-the-sound

9:00pm / 10:00pm –

Jackie Romeo  https://www.jackieromeo.com/ 

Julia Davolio  https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DAxjmf3MbeEDNrpVZORS5

Jackie Romeo and Julia Davolio TICKET SALES: https://www.eventable.nyc/shop/jackie-romeo-and-julia-davolio-band

RESERVATIONS:   https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Dec 18


7pm –  H-Nine  https://open.spotify.com/artist/0N2z4Gix9JIOVHyl37K8HH…

8pm –  Jim Knable & The Fireplaces   http://www.jimknable.com/songwriting/jim-knable

9pm –  Sharp 11  www.instagram.com/davidhovani

10pm –  Firesign   www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g8oBJh-P8Q

RESERVATIONS:    https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/


Showtime : 7:00 pm

Sat - Jan 01

New Years Day – All Day Jazz Brunch with Leandra McNair

Featured on Singersroom, AFROPUNK, and Vibe Magazine, Leandra McNair is the next rising singer-songwriter who blends elements of jazz, folk, R&B, and soul to pioneer a new era of contemporary alternative music.

She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. Leandra McNair has had the honor of singing backup vocals for the legendary, Debbie Sledge, and performing with Alvin Queen and Neils Lan Doky.  Influenced by some of the most passionate R&B and Soul figures like Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, and Stevie Wonder, Leandra uses her music to express her most authentic stories.

This past spring Leandra released a brand-new EP titled “A Rose In Black” available now across all streaming platforms. She also had the opportunity to return to Copenhagen in July 2021 for The Masterworks series: in the Copenhagen Jazz Festival at the prestigious Hotel D’Angleterre.

Showtime : 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fri - Jan 14

Bang A Gong Presents – Matthew Fair / Jack McCain / Pit And The Crooks

8:00pm – Matthew Fair    facebook.com/MatthewFairMusic

9:00pm – Jack McCain   facebook.com/strayawaysband

10:00 -11:45pm – Pit And The Crooks    facebook.com/Pit-and-the-Crooks-107865734772746

TICKET SALES:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/matthew-faireverlectricpit-and-the-crooks-brooklyn-music-kitchen-tickets-194481658877


Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Jan 15

Bang A Gong Presents – The Lauded / Too Many Leaders / The Real Stormin’ Norman Band

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Fri - Jan 21

Bang A Gong Presents – Truyols Music / SK & ED / Earl Yellow / Mike Fox Band

8:00pm – Truyols Music  https://www.facebook.com/TruyolsGroup

9:00pm –  SK & Ed     https://www.instagram.com/sk_no_edit/

10:00pm –  Earl Yellow   https://www.facebook.com/EarlYellow

11:00pm –  Mike Fox Band  https://www.facebook.com/mikefoxband

TICKET SALEShttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/truyols-musicsk-edearl-yellow-brooklyn-music-kitchen-tickets-201627963667

RESERVATIONS:  https://brooklynmusickitchen.com/reservations/

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Jan 22

Bang A Gong Presents – James G Barry Band / Changing Modes / No Drama / Samsara

8:00pm – James G Barry Band    facebook.com/PenetraliaMentis

9:00pm –  Changing Modes    facebook.com/ChangingModes

10:00pm –  No Drama    facebook.com/nodramanyc

11:00pm –  Samsara    facebook.com/samsarathebandnyc

TICKET SALEShttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/james-g-barry-bandchanging-modesno-dramasamsara-brooklyn-music-kitchen-tickets-194471257767



Showtime : 8:00 pm

Fri - Jan 28

Bang A Gong Presents – Backyard Soul / The Lauded / King Dutch / Ship of Fools



Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Jan 29

Bang A Gong Presents – Sweet Thunder / The Sloe Guns / That Brunette / The Arms & The Legs

7:00pm – Sweet Thunder   facebook.com/sweetthundernyc

8:00pm – The Sloe Guns   facebook.com/TheSloeGuns

9:00pm – My Little Eye  facebook.com/mylittleeyenyc

10:00pm – The Arms & The Legs thearmsandthelegs.com

TICKET SALEShttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/sweet-thunderthe-sloe-gunsthat-brunettesean-mcverry-tickets-215721146757

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Fri - Feb 11

Bang A Gong Presents – Fat Fast Bobby / Powdermaker / Kiara Negroni / Seth Benjamin & the Philistines

8:00pm – Fat Fast Bobby   facebook.com/FatFastBobby

9:00pm – Powdermaker   facebook.com/powdermaker1

10:00pm – Kiara Negroni   instagram.com/ki_negroni

11:00pm – Seth Benjamin & the Philistines   facebook.com/sethbenjaminsongs

TICKET SALEShttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/fat-fast-bobbypowdermakerkiara-negroniseth-benjamin-the-philistines-tickets-196688860677



Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Feb 12

Bang A Gong Presents – Caitlin Adler / Pat Gillis & Guests / The Real Stormin’ Norman Band

8:00pm – Caitlin Adler   caitlinadlermusic.com

9:00pm – Pat Gillis & Guests   facebook.com/flushingteaparty

10:00pm -12am – The Real Stormin’ Norman Band   facebook.com/realstorminnorman

TICKET SALEShttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/caitlin-adlerthe-false-alarmsthe-real-stormin-norman-band-brooklyn-mus-tickets-215601679427


Showtime : 8:00 pm

Fri - Feb 18

Bang A Gong Presents – Ryan Engelbert and the Little Victories / Mag Electric / Party Train

8:00pm – Ryan Engelbert and the Little Victories  facebook.com/ryanengelbertmusic

9:00pm – Mag Electric  facebook.com/MagElectricband

10:00pm-12am – Party Train  facebook.com/PartyTrainNYC

TICKET SALEShttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/ryan-engelbert-and-the-little-victoriesmatthew-fairparty-train-tickets-215692099877


Showtime : 8:00 pm