Upcoming Events & Shows

Sat - Oct 01

DEJHA / Jennifer Silva / Bucky Hayes / Ethan Cohen


9:00pmJennifer Silva

10:00pmBucky Hayes

11:00pm – Ethan Cohen



Two item minimum

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Tue - Oct 04

Tony Tyme / Janel / Aaron Ruperto / Will Minguez / Dajee Lynnell / Miiistro

Join Brooklyn Music Kitchen for a soulful night of great food, drinks, and R&B music.
Hosted by: Drew Vision and Music by: DJ Doce.
You won’t want to miss this amazing show every Tuesday night!
7:00pm – 7:45pm DJ Doce

7:45pm – 8:05pm – Tony Tyme

8:10pm – 8:30pm – Janel

8:35pm – 8:55pm – Aaron Ruperto

9:00pm – 9:20pm – Will Minguez

9:25pm – 9:45pm – Dajée Lynnell

9:50pm – 10:10pm – Miiistro

Tickets $15.00 advance / $20.00 at door – Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm

Wed - Oct 05

LEGENDARY LOCALS Featuring: MYSA with ZAXAI – Open Mic Every Wednesday!

Wednesdays is our Legendary Locals night at BMK! Come listen and hang with Brooklyn-based funk band MYSA, led by the legendary ZAXAI!

This is an OPEN MIC NIGHT, so if you would like to perform, bring your voice or instrument and get up on our amazing stage with the live band!


$10.00 admission – includes your first drink!

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Thu - Oct 06

Errick Lewis “The Vibe” Open Mic Night – Every Thursday Night!

Errick has toured with Jay-Z, Lauren Hill, Snoop Dog, the Wu-Tang Clan and Erykah Badu, as well as  sharing the stage with other talents like Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott and Snoop Dogg.  He also toured nationally with the Tony Award winning musical, “Dreamgirls” (based on the Supremes’ biography).

This is an OPEN MIC night, hosted by the incredible singers, Bel-Ami and Melissa Jones. If you’ve got the VIBE, bring your instrument or your voice and get up on stage with this amazing in-house band of New York’s best musicians! Send song requests HERE.


$10 cover – Two item minimum

Showtime : 9:00 pm

Fri - Oct 07

For The Love of Music Presents: DJ Santiago / Nki / Mannikin / Parlour magic / OBOY!

7pm – DJ Santiago

8pm – Nki

9pm –  Mannikin

10pm – Parlour Magic

11:00pm – OBOY!


Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm

Sat - Oct 08

Bang A Gong Presents: The Women’s National Hockey League / The Rebel Nerds / Sophia Angelica / You’re Mom / Happy Endings

Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm

Fri - Oct 14

American Idol / The Voice Alumni tour, Featuring Sheena / Emma Caroline / Katie Belle / Avery Robertson

$12 – $15 admission / Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm

Sat - Oct 15

For The Love of Music Presents: Elly Kace / The Eighty Six Seas / Derek Adam / The Nu Lyfe Rocker Docks / Doov

7pm – Elly Kace

8pm – The Eighty Six Seas

9pm –  Derek Adam

10pm – The Nu Lyfe Rocker Docks

11:00pm – Doov


Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm

Fri - Oct 21

For The Love of Music Presents: Tsebiyah / Minor Issues / 4KPHIL / Liam, Martin & Catalina / Blizz The Blueprint

7pm – Tsebiyah

8pm – Minor Issues

9pm –  4KPHIL.

10pm – Liam, Martin & Catalina

11:00pm – Blizz The Blueprint


Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm

Sat - Oct 22

Jett Jenkins / Behaviorist / Porterfield / Imaginary Tricks

Jett Jenkins: Indie pop artist who layers dreamy, colorful production behind heavy lyricism, makes a showstopping introduction in her first single, “City In Anger,” in which she captivates listeners with passionate vocals, invigorating instrumentation, lyrics steeped in melancholy.
Behaviorist: Subversive, experimental pop by saxophonist & producer Stephen Rodes Chen (San Fermin, Ghost Funk Orchestra). Unnervingly catchy melodies soar over driving electronic beats, and mesmerizing instrumental passages trade off with hard-hitting lyrics.  
Porterfield: Porterfield is an indie-jazz-rock quartet that pushes the the lines between rock songs and improvised fusion music. The experimental instrumentation (guitar, sax/fx, moog synth bass, and drumset) leads to a modern, organic sound. They have been nominated two years a in row by the Boston Music Awards for Best Jazz Artist.
Imaginary Tricks: Brooklyn-based Imaginary Tricks has played in various idioms since its inception, but at its core is Mike Visser and Tim Talavera. Visser takes his skills at arrangement and musicianship to levels that will certainly surprise long time followers of Visser’s work.

8:00pmJett Jenkins



11:00pm – Imaginary Tricks

BUY TICKETS HERE  –  Jett Jenkins   /   Behaviorist, Porterfield, Imaginary Tricks


Two item minimum

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Oct 29

Alexis P Suter Band / Early Times & The High Rollers

Early is a skilled and recognized contemporary blues artist who has accumulated much recognition and a
list of noteworthy collaborations over the years. Early Times & the High Rollers released their latest album, “Electric City”, on May 6, 2022, on Dealer Choice Records.

Alexis P Suter Band  is a 3 time Blues Music Award nominee, with Ray Grappone, Stew Cutler, Daniel Weiss, Clyde Bullard and Vicki Bell. Alexis brings abundant love and energy into each of her performances. The audiences dance and sing along to rollicking roots songs or funky blues numbers; then a few songs later are wiping tears stirred by an awe-inspiring version of “Let it Be” or other songs that touch deeply. Alexis and her band are not just another musical act, but an energetic and emotional experience that fans return to time after time.

8:00pmAlexis P Suter Band

10:00pm Early Times & The High Rollers

BUY TICKETS:  Alexis P Suter Band  /   Early Times & The High Rollers


Two Item Minimum

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Nov 05

Jonny Meyers / Sultry Soirée / Two In Love

Jonny Meyers is a telecaster slinging, singer-songwriter from Queens.   Jonny‘s long career spans eight studio albums of original material, years of national and international touring, and many career highlights, including opening spots for Wilson Pickett and Bo Diddley.

Sultry Soirée is a live band burlesque to spice up your weekend, featuring the music of  Two In Love.

8:00 – Jonny Meyers

10:00 – Sultry Soirée

BUY TICKETS HERE:   Jonny Meyers  /  Sultry Soirée


Two item minimum

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Fri - Nov 18

Bang A Gong Presents: The Braganza Sisters / Sara Devoe / Ladybread / Alexis and Natalie

Two item minimum

Showtime : 8:00 pm

Sat - Nov 19

Bang A Gong Presents: Anthony Giaccio and the Assortments / Jeremy and the Rooster / Blues on Tapp / Loyalty To Me / Top Cats

Two item minimum

Showtime : 7:00 pm